Trading up your phone with Koodo


Have an old phone sitting around or your present phone just not cutting it anymore & you want an upgrade?
Well Koodo has introduced a trade in program recently & are now offering an extra $25 to the amount they will give you for your old phone.
The amount they will give you for your trade in depends on the condition & model of phone but on top of that you get that extra $25.
It could be the perfect time to upgrade to your first Android device or upgrade your present Android phone to the powerful & feature packed Samsung Galaxy S3 which Koodo began carrying about a month ago.
Keep in mind that the trade in value & $25 bonus comes in the form of Koodo’s Trade in Credits & can’t be exchanged for cash or put towards a previous tab. You must select a device or accessories at time of trade in.
This is available to New & Present Customers.

Head on down to your local Koodo Kiosk & get an employee to evaluate your old phone & give you a value. You could very well be walking out with your dream phone thanks to this great offer. Hurry because the $25 bonus offer ends January 31st.


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