Nexus 4 could be coming to a retailer near you


You can’t buy Google’s LG Nexus 4 online right now but if you’re still wanting one in Canada right away you could be heading to Quebec. Videotron seems to be launching the Nexus 4 “soon.” No prices or dates have been said but just that they will be first provider in Canada to release the latest Nexus Device.


Let’s all hope that this means more providers in Canada will start carrying the illusive pure Android device.
I know many Koodo customers have asked for the device & Koodo has been considering it but we’ll have to wait & see what transpires.
Chances are the price will not be as cheap as the Play Store has been selling the device & the Nexus 4 could very well see a $500 or $600 price tag.

At that price would you still be interested in the device, or is the price tag one of the biggest factors for your interest?
Hit the comments below & let us know.


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  1. Thanks man Im trying. Ive been running it completly from my Galaxy Note 2 😉 There are a few things it wont let me do so I have to get out the laptop on of these days and fix a few issues still.

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