Galaxy Note 2 update – battery issues & possible fix


Ppl around the Web have been experiencing battery issues yet again after an update with a device. This time it seems to be the Galaxy Note 2 4.1.2 update build N7100XXDLL7.

I’ve updated my Note 2 to this build a couple weeks ago & have experienced no issues & have slightly better battery life.
Thing is though that I updated like I always do & have never ever experienced any battery issues with any Android device, even when reports are flooding in about said issues.
Below I’ll layout what I do, & this might help you not experience battery issues after an update again.

– Always install the update while the device is fully charged

– Always have the device plugged in when you install the update

– If you accidentally install the update when the battery isn’t fully charged & plugged in then back up your info & do a factory reset
** Keep in mind apps & anything else not backed up will be deleted & need to be installed again after the reset **

– when you do a factory reset make sure that you follow the first 2 points & do so on a fully charged device & while the device is plugged in.

So if your experiencing battery life issues on the Galaxy Note 2 or any Android device after an update try these tips & let us know if it helps in the comments below.
Keep in mind this is just from personal experience.



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