BlackBerry Workspace coming to Android & iOS


BlackBerry is bringing BlackBerry Workspace to Android & iOS. This will allow these devices to be used along with BlackBerry 10 devices within the workplace. Android looks to be getting a little better experience than iOS with this feature as show in the video below. The video is brought to you by the awesome guys at DOWNLOAD HERE :

I noticed alot of ppl complaining that BlackBerry shouldn’t be giving thus feature to other OS’s, & that it was dumb on their part to do so. I think that these ppl forget about where over half of the apps on their new Z10 come from, which is from Android. It’s funny because at the time that Android gave BB the ability to use their apps through Android Runtime, Android users were saying the exact same thing. Well it hasn’t hurt Android in the slightest & I don’t believe it will hurt BB either. iOS on the other hand I’m not sure what BlackBerry is or has gained from them or if compensation will come in a different form?
What do you guys think about all this?
Hit up the comment section below & let us know.


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