Huge leak of the Galaxy S4, or is it?


With only 3 days to go till Samsung unveils the “Next Big Thing”, the Galaxy S4 these photos have surfaced. The poster claims that this is the Galaxy S4 in all its glory & personally I have mixed feelings. Some around the net are claiming this looks like the Galaxy Note 2 & that’s all that it is. Some are claiming it’s some knock off Samsung product, Both I’m not too sure about. See rumours had the Galaxy S4 being a combination of metal & plastic with the majority of the device being the plastic & a metal ring around the device. The photo below shows that they are showing off the ring around the device & if you have a Galaxy Note 2 like me you will know that that is definitely not the Galaxy Note 2.


Then in this next photo which some are saying looks like cheap plastic you can see if you look really close at the bottom of the phone that it looks alot different than the Note 2. I don’t know about you but to me it looks like an alligator skin finish under Samsung’s hyper glaze finish.



Now this could very well be a replacement back on a Galaxy Note 2 & perhaps a metal bumper style case wrapped around it, but it really has me thinking. Personally I love my Galaxy Note 2 but at the same time I hope Samsung hasn’t went with the exact same design this time around as the Galaxy S3 & Note 2.
Well what do you guys think, what do we have here?
Do you hope this is the Galaxy S4 or just a mis-identification situation? Let us know in the comments below.



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