Samsung beginning to roll out an update to fix limited storage space on Galaxy S4


Samsung is said to have started rolling out an update to one model of the Galaxy S4 with more models to come that will fix the issue of limited internal storage space on the S4.

How will this be done?
Well it looks like they are making it so the device will allow the transfer of apps to your SD Card, in a pre Jelly Bean-esc kind of way. So basically you can now turn your 16gb model into 80gb device with a 64gb card.
This in my mind makes the Galaxy S4 the perfect device, the first ever perfect device ever built. I think Samsung will now easily reach the 100 million Galaxy S4 sold # quite quickly.

Well will this new news change your mind about purchasing a Galaxy S4, or are you a present owner doing backflips off the walls right now like myself?
Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. It’s still missing the S Pen, but news like this make me salivate for the GN3 though.

    • Ya I have both and right now I’ve made my Galaxy S4 my primary device I love it so much. Although when the Note 3 hits and it brings together the best of both worlds of the Note 2 and S4 then it’s going to be an insane device. This is however if they try to keep 2gb of RAM which will be pretty impossible or if they put 3 or even 4gb of RAM. THE Galaxy S4 sits around 1gb of RAM used at idle with all their features packed in, add the Note series features and it’s going to need some serious RAM. I’m so excited to see what they do with the Note 3, but I’m completely in love with my S4 & a 5″ display packed into the same sized phone as the S3 amazes me every time I pick it up. Your basically holding the displa, any smaller bezel would just be issues of accidental display touch recognition.

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