Nexus 5 most recent leaks & rumours (pictures)(different sized batteries perhaps?)


Above we see a diagram from the supposed leaked owners manual for the Nexus 5. That same leaked manual gave up a list of specs that lead towards this being a very solid Nexus device & are as follows.

– 4.95-inch 1080p IPS TFT display
– 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip
– 2GB of RAM
– 8mp rear camera & 1.3mp front facing camera
– 2,300 mAh battery
– 16GB or 32GB of storage.
– Android 4.4 Kit Kat (internally known as KLP)

The most recent rumour is suggesting that the Nexus 5 will actually come in 2 different models. The rumour suggests the 2 models will have different storage (which we see above) but each storage size will come with different sized batteries.
The 16gb model will sport the 2,300mAh battery that we’ve all heard, but the big surprise is a rumour suggesting the 32gb model will feature a whopping 3,000mAh battery.

Rumored pricing for each model is rumored to be $299 for the 16gb model & $399 for the 32gb model. These are all just rumours at the moment but as many were only disappointed by the battery size in earlier leaks this is a very exciting rumour that means the Nexus 5 could be the Nexus device all the Nexus faithful have been dreaming about. We’ll bring you more as the leaks & rumours come in, all the way up to the launch.

Well what do you think of this most recent rumour of battery size & the other specs?
Let us know in the comments below we love hearing for all of our fellow Androidian’s.

Some more leaked photos of the Nexus 5 below.








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