Why is there 2 camera’s on the All New HTC ONE? The answer seems rather disapointing


Well it seems we have a pretty complete answer as to why there are dual rear camera’s on the All New HTC ONE and it’s not what we had hoped here at Team Android Canada.

We had hoped that one camera would have been HTC’s ultra pixel lens because it does take some low light shots that are Indeed better than the competition. However those shots lack detail like that you see from Samsung’s 13mp camera in the S4 or the 16mp we see in the S5.
So we had hoped that the second camera was indeed 13mp or so and could be used for well lit shots that would have some great detail and switching modes would choose which camera was actually used.

Well HTC seems to have had a different idea and not a great one in our opinion. See the dual camera’s are both the 4mp ultra pixel cams we and many others had not been impressed with at all for the majority of shots taken. The user can take a shot and then after the fact choose the point of focus which seems great in theory right. Well all it does is blur the part you don’t choose as your focal point giving the illusion that the focal point is sharper. This does nothing for adding detail beyond what last year’s model did, they’re just trying to trick your eyes & it’s definitely not the way to try to improve on your shortcomings.

The other thing the dual camera will allow you to do with a shot after its been taken is view it in a virtual 3D format where you can tilt the device and it will give the illusion that the picture has depth to it, again by trying to trick your eyes.
The thing is the 3D effect is only usable on the device, how many ppl view their photos on their device like come on that’s a useless feature and more gimmicky than anything Samsung has brought to the table. Well not really Samsung has their audio while viewing a picture that’s the same idea as the feature only works on the device and nobody is viewing their pictures on their phone so these feature are useless and a waste of time being developed.

We love HTC here at Team Android Canada as they have made some of the most amazing device designs in the industry and we are still excited to get our hands on the All New HTC ONE but we are sceptical about any real improvement in the camera after learning this. Hopefully we are wrong on if it actually improves photo quality and doesn’t just try to trick us but we’ll have to wait to get out hands on the device and put it to the test.

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