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Once again LG’s taking another page from Samsung’s Play book


Seems like LG’s at it again taking another page from Samsung’s play book, this time it’s Samsung’s S-View cases that seem to be LG’s muse. LG has just announced a new line of cases for the unreleased G2 which is only about a week away from being officially announced. These cases that LG calls their “Quick Window” cases have a cutout on the front & just like Samsung’s S-View cases they let you see various info widgets without ever opening the portfolio style case. LG seems to have been following very close to what Samsung does lately in a, if you can’t beat em join em kind of way.
If anybody could sue anybody in the mobile world it really looks like Samsung sure would have a rather great case against LG, so it great to see these companies not going that route & perhaps just trying to one up each other. Competing this way is exactly what the mobile industry really needs to reach its full potential.

Back to the cases; By the looks of it they’ll be available in at least 6 bright colours, & let you see & control things from the clock, weather & notifications to your music player.
I personally despise portfolio /flip style cases as I game on my phone a lot & there is just no comfortable way to hold the device with them on it. It’s either digging in to your hand somewhere or makes the device slide around against the cover when it’s flipped to the back.

Well what do you guys think of portfolio cases & these cases in particular? Are you excited & waiting to get the G2 or will you be waiting to see what the Galaxy Note 3 brings to the table in September or so?
We’d love to hear from you so hit up the comments below & let your thoughts flow.

O2 wants manufacturers to stop packaging chargers with their phones


Well it seems that mobile provider O2 wants phone manufacturers to stop bundling chargers with their phones.
Their reasoning is that it will cut down on the size of packaging & thus more phones will fit into shipments.
This obviously won’t cut down on actual packaging because there then will be extra packaging for the chargers.
I guess they are assuming that most ppl stick to purchasing the same brand of device?


Even if you do buy the same brand of device its always great to have an extra charger around incase the other one craps out. I can’t count how many charges I’ve went through but it’s been many.

I think it’s a terrible idea & because of the statements I’ve made it seems to me like a total cash grab.
What do you think, would you like if devices started selling without a charger & if you needed one you have to pay extra?


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