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The Moto G is a top level midrange device at an entry level price & it’s headed to Koodo in the coming weeks


Motorola just announced a very exciting device which is as solid a midrange device as it get’s, made more impressive by the low outright price tag attached to it. This device we’re so excited about is the Moto G & that mind blowing low price is just $179 for the 8gb & $199 for the 16gb if purchased directly from Motorola in the US.
You might be saying to yourself “we’ve seen phones for that price already, so what’s so impressive about this phone?”
Well it’s the specs & features you get packed into the Moto G that make that price so damn impressive.

You see the Moto G packs :

– A Beautiful 4.5″ 720p HD LCD display 329ppi (in comparison the Moto X is only 316ppi)
– A Fast 1.2ghz Quad Core Snapdragon 400 processor
– 1gb of Ram
– A 5mp rear camera capable of shooting 720p video
– A 1.3mp front facing camera which is great for video calls
– A 2070mAh Battery
– It’s Running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean & confirmed to be updated to Android 4.4 Kit Kat in January
– It Comes in 8gb & 16gb storage options
– Has the same ergonomic design as the Moto X but slightly thicker which is great because as you seen in our review of the Moto X we think it’s the most comfortable device in the hand of any device ever made.

Compare these specs to other phones in the $200 outright price range & you’ll see what makes this device so attractive.

While we do know that the Moto G is for sure coming to Koodo in the coming weeks we’re not sure about colour or storage options that will be offered or pricing. We have heard rumours of only the black model being offered & only in an 8gb storage option which we’re hoping to be false. We’d really like to see the 16gb model being offered which in our opinion is the lowest storage option that should be offered when there is no external storage option (SD Card) available on a mobile device.
We have heard a rumour that Koodo will sell the 8gb Moto G  for $200 outright but we’ll let you know the full details once they’re available from Koodo, until then check out the full launch event of the Moto X from Motorola below.

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Another couple New Shots of the Nexus 5 Leak ahead of its release


Not much to say about this expected press render from the well known leakster’s @evleaks other than its the clearest shot of what looks to be the final product that is the Nexus 5 from Google & LG.
We can see that the black model will have a nice soft touch rubber coating like the Nexus 7 with the Nexus logo carved out to reveal the plastic underneath and an embossed LG logo. The white model seems to have a matte white plastic back with printed Nexus & LG logo’s & will have shiny plastic sides unlike the black models soft touch material.

The month is quickly coming to an end & as the Nexus 5 is rumoured to be going on sale in Canada on Nov 8th we “should” be seeing an official announcement for the N5 any day now.

We pretty much know everything about the device including most of the specs & the multiple storage options, 16gb & 32gb as well as the starting price ($349 for the 16gb) which was leaked on Google’s own Playstore last week & finally that it will pack the newest version of Android 4.4 Kit Kat.
So now all we need to know is when will this officially be announced and if we can indeed get our hands on one as of Nov 8th here in the cold North & those are some extremely frustrating answers to wait upon but all will be better in just a few short days.

Anybody else getting impatient with this launch or is it just us? Hit the comments & let us know whats on your mind when it comes to the Nexus 5 below.
What model are you liking more & hoping to get your hands on at launch?

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Samsung wasted the chance to bring something cool with their curved display technology (Galaxy Round)


The mobile tech world has been talking for over a year about the curved displays manufacturers have been working on & the techies imaginations went wild. Well with Samsung & LG having announced that they had perfected the technology to mass produce such a display only time would tell who would be first to release a device using said display.

Today is that day as Samsung has just announced the Galaxy Round featuring a 5.7″ 1080p CURVED OLED display (other specs below)
The display curves in a very odd way that I’m sure nobody expected, you see it curves from side to side so the entire phone (front and back) curves the same way the back of the HTC ONE does.
The usefulness of this application of the curved display seems very limited & to us seems like Samsung cheaped out & were more concerned with releasing a device with curved display first than actually putting some design effort into it.
Samsung states that it emphasizes the view while flipping through home screens. They have also incorporated a lock screen that is activated when the device is laying on a table you can press down on one side of the device making it tilt forward to reveal the time, weather, alarm, notifications, ect (seen in video below) & well that’s about it.

It’s still early & we will give Samsung the benefit of the doubt that this design will prove to be more well thought out than it looks right now but it’s not looking good in our opinion. The balls in your court Samsung so prove us wrong. The specs of the Galaxy Round are however very impressive & it will be a solid device, but one that comes with a hefty price tag at just over $1,000. It’s unknown if the device will be available in North America at this time, but we’d love to know if the Round interests you?

5.7″ 1080p CURVED OLED display
2.3ghz Quad Core Exynos Processor
3gb RAM
13mp Rear Camera & 2mp Front Facing Camera
2800mAh Battery
Running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean w/ TouchWiz UI
LTE Advance


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Once again LG’s taking another page from Samsung’s Play book


Seems like LG’s at it again taking another page from Samsung’s play book, this time it’s Samsung’s S-View cases that seem to be LG’s muse. LG has just announced a new line of cases for the unreleased G2 which is only about a week away from being officially announced. These cases that LG calls their “Quick Window” cases have a cutout on the front & just like Samsung’s S-View cases they let you see various info widgets without ever opening the portfolio style case. LG seems to have been following very close to what Samsung does lately in a, if you can’t beat em join em kind of way.
If anybody could sue anybody in the mobile world it really looks like Samsung sure would have a rather great case against LG, so it great to see these companies not going that route & perhaps just trying to one up each other. Competing this way is exactly what the mobile industry really needs to reach its full potential.

Back to the cases; By the looks of it they’ll be available in at least 6 bright colours, & let you see & control things from the clock, weather & notifications to your music player.
I personally despise portfolio /flip style cases as I game on my phone a lot & there is just no comfortable way to hold the device with them on it. It’s either digging in to your hand somewhere or makes the device slide around against the cover when it’s flipped to the back.

Well what do you guys think of portfolio cases & these cases in particular? Are you excited & waiting to get the G2 or will you be waiting to see what the Galaxy Note 3 brings to the table in September or so?
We’d love to hear from you so hit up the comments below & let your thoughts flow.

New Tab Structure coming to Koodo July 14th, could leave you with the phone you thought you couldn’t afford


As of July 14th Koodo will be bringing a new tab structure to their customers that brings more choice. With Koodo’s growing lineup of devices that now includes quite a few amazing high end choices, customers were asking for a way to make these higher priced devices attainable. Well Koodo is always listening to their customers & after some hard work by their employees they spit out this new tab structure. This new tab structure definitely makes those higher quality, higher priced devices now attainable for all.

The tab will now have 4 levels to choose from, No Tab, Small Tab, Medium Tab, Large Tab. They’ve also raised the percentage they will pay towards paying off your tab each month from 10% to now 15% of your monthly bill amount (before taxes & only on new activations & upgrades from July 14th on.) Koodo will now offer a guarantee that your tab will be paid in full within 2 years, which will be achieved by the customers paying off a small piece of the tab each month with the amount dependent on the level of tab you take.

If you choose the option to bring your own device or have a $0 or positive tab then koodo will offer you a 10% savings on your plan & add-ons. * Your tab will be frozen at $0 *

If you choose the small tab then you’ll have available to you up to $150 of tab credits to use towards the price of a  device. Koodo will contribute 15% of your bill towards paying off your tab amount each month. *This tab will remain available with any plan Koodo offers.*

If you choose the medium tab you will have up to $300 of tab credits available to use towards the price of a device. Koodo will again contribute to paying off your tab by 15% of your bill amount each month, & you the customer will have $5 added to your bill each month to help in paying down your tab owing. * To be eligible for this tab you will have to choose a plan that’s $30 or more. *

Lastly if you choose the large tab you will have up to $500 in tab credits available to you to put towards the price of a device. Koodo will again contribute to paying off your tab by 15% of your bill amount each month, & you the customer will have $10 added to your bill each month to help in paying down your tab owing. * To be eligible for this tab you will have to choose a Tab Large Plan.

So now Koodo customers won’t have to settle for a phone just because that’s  what they can afford at the moment of purchase. This  should be awesome news if you’re a koodo customer as their outdated tab structure has received an amazing restructuring that could very well put your dream phone in your hand this month.
Well let us know what you think in the comments section below.
I know I’ll be taking advantage of this new tab as soon as in comes into effect, will you?

Samsung sold 20 million S4’s in Only 2 months, has me thinking stock price fixing


We all heard recently that the Galaxy S4 wasn’t selling well, & while I didn’t believe it what so ever others sure did as the stock fell quite a bit. Now we’re getting the #s from Samsung & it looks like it has become the fastest selling smartphone ever selling over 20 million units in only 2 months.
Why does this have me thinking stocks are being fixed? Well this is exactly what happened with the BlackBerry stock & the Z10 when it was first released. The Z10 was released & analyst said that it wasn’t selling well even though it was hard to even get your hands on at first & stock prices took a dive (this had me thinking how they were so off if that’s these analyst’s job) Then shortly after the actual #s came out & low and behold they were much better than the #s that Analyst had projected & stocks rose.
Now we have the Galaxy S4 & analyst made claims once again that the Galaxy S4 wasn’t selling well & stock prices dropped. Now we are hearing the true #’s & again they are not what the analysts predicted at all, in fact the Galaxy S4 is the fastest selling smartphone EVER.

So it seems to me that these analysts have found themselves a way to make some big cash fast by fixing the stock prices by talking down these companies new devices even though they know they are selling very well (I mean how can’t they if I know just from frequenting the net on mobile tech forums & blogs & checking out the comment sections). Then the price of said stock drops they buy the stock knowing all the time the device is selling like mad & a week or 2 later the official #’s come out & they are much higher than they claimed thus making the stock prices climb again & making these analyst’s a rather hefty amount when they sell the stock after the rise in price.

See there is nothing in the world that is as easy to do this with as smartphones because of the # of ppl who purchase these brand new devices as soon as they are released & I believe these analysts have found just that and are raking in the cash doing so. I’d like to see how these analysts live & I guarantee none of them are struggling & are doing quite well.
What do you guys think am I on to something or do I just question things way too much in this world lol. Let us know in the comment section below.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition


Yesterday at Google I/O there wasn’t much in the way of product announcements, however there was one very interesting one. A collaboration of sorts with the #1 Android device maker Samsung. The New Galaxy S4 with a twist that should interest those who love a Nexus style Android experience.
The hardware is staying exactly the same as that in the original model, but the software will be a pure vanilla Android experience. So you lose all the features the device is known for, but that might not be as bad as it may seem. Samsung has received some flak over just how much internal storage said features takes up in the 16gb device. With all those features packed in leaves the user with around 8gb of storage from the get go. The Google Edition should leave users with around 14gb of storage.
Another great advantage would be in the update department where Google stated that the device will always be updated promptly with the latest version of Android.

If the device sounds appealing to you then you’ll want to check out the Google Playstore starting on the 26th. That’s when the device will become available & will sell for $649 in the US which is where it will first be made available with other markets to follow.

So what do you guys think of this device, is it worth the money considering it sells for the same as the feature packed model?
Do you care about the features of the S4 or is it the hardware  that draws your attention?
Let us know in the comments section below & stay tuned for more from Google I/O 2013.


BBM is coming to Android


BlackBerry has announced that their BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) feature is coming to Android & iOS this summer.

It will initially come packing the features it’s been known for and will later be followed up with some of the newer features that BlackBerry 10 brings. It will be made available as an app from the new adopters respected app stores.
This is surprising as BlackBerry previously stated that it would keep BBM a BlackBerry exclusive feature/app.

Will this mean that those who have stayed with BlackBerry only because of BBM will now make the switch to Android or iOS? It sure has me wondering what this will bring once the app hits these other OS’s.
What are you thoughts on the subject? Let us know in the comments section below, we’d love to hear from you.


New things coming for Team Android Canada


Sorry we haven’t posted much lately, we’ve been working on bringing some new things to Team Android Canada to make this site better for our visitors. Our first thing was to make it easier to find us and as such we are proud to announce that we can now be easily found at We have also been in contact with multiple companies to help us out in bringing our readers the latest and greatest from the world of Android, and go much more in depth into what we are doing here. We’d really like to thank those who have got back to us and have been gracious enough to help us out as we expand and bring our site to the next level. Even greater thanks goes out to you our readers who have had such great things to say about our efforts here, and without you and your support we wouldn’t be in the position we are right now. So again thanks to all who support Team Android Canada and stay tuned because there’s much more to come and we are very excited about bringing it to you our fellow Androidians 😉

Is Samsung’s Galaxy S4 enough to compete with the HTC ONE?


Samsung launched the long awaited Galaxy S4 last night in New York City by showing the device in real world situations via some terrible acting in its hour long play…. I mean presentation.
They showed off the mass of new features included in the Galaxy S4 including Air view, Smart Pause, Smart Scroll & much much more. Check out Samsung’s video at the bottom of the page for more.
The Galaxy S4 stays with the same sleek & stylish design as the Galaxy S3 & Galaxy Note 2, with it polycarbonate build. This time they have dropped the hyper-glaze finish & went with a nice textured look that looks a little like Alligator skin. They have also made the edges a little less curved but it still feels great in the hand.

The Galaxy S 4 features a 5-inch full HD Super AMOLED display, 13MP rear camera, 2MP front camera and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. As for what’s powering the Galaxy S4 there will be two versions of processors, The unlocked international version will pack a 1.6GHz octa-core Exynos 5 processor and the North American or Carrier version will get an equally fast 1.9GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor. The CPU with be accompanied by PowerVR SGX544MP and Adreno 320 GPU respectively. Both versions have 2gb of RAM as well.
The Galaxy S4 will be available from the big 3 & from Koodo at the end of April. It’s expected to be selling for around $700 so start saving your penny’s because April’s just around the corner.

Well what do you think, is it enough to compete with the HTC ONE? Will you be getting one?
Let us know in the comments below.


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