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Google PlayStore Gift cards have found their way to Canada


Google has finally started offering PlayStore gift cards in Canada, it’s about time eh ;-). Denominations of $15, $25 and $50 are available from selected retailers, including those which are listed below.

Best Buy
Shoppers Drug Mart
Future Shop

The cards apply credits to your Google Wallet account for purchases of games, apps, books, movies and music from the PlayStore. Possibly even devices we’re not sure as we’ve never tried.

For those of us at Team Android Canada that haven’t had credit cards at one time or another we just used Visa & Mastercard prepaid cards from these same retailers. So if PlayStore gift cards haven’t made their way to your local retailer you can always grab a prepaid Visa or Mastercard and just input the card like you would a regular postpaid version of said cards.

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Samsung beginning to roll out an update to fix limited storage space on Galaxy S4


Samsung is said to have started rolling out an update to one model of the Galaxy S4 with more models to come that will fix the issue of limited internal storage space on the S4.

How will this be done?
Well it looks like they are making it so the device will allow the transfer of apps to your SD Card, in a pre Jelly Bean-esc kind of way. So basically you can now turn your 16gb model into 80gb device with a 64gb card.
This in my mind makes the Galaxy S4 the perfect device, the first ever perfect device ever built. I think Samsung will now easily reach the 100 million Galaxy S4 sold # quite quickly.

Well will this new news change your mind about purchasing a Galaxy S4, or are you a present owner doing backflips off the walls right now like myself?
Let us know in the comments below.


BlackBerry 10 supports Flash


I haven’t got my hands on the new BlackBerry Z10 quite yet, but while I’ve been eagerly waiting I’ve been doing a lot of research. I’ve come to notice one thing about BlackBerry 10 that could draw some to it & away from Android.
All the spec sheets I’ve perused all state that the Z10 supports flash.

I know alot of ppl including myself were very disappointed to hear that Android wasn’t going to support flash in 4.1 Jelly Bean & above. Now there is a couple ways to get flash running on Android 4.1+, the thing is many users have no idea how. Also more & more browsers are actually blocking it from even being used with them on Android.

As time goes by flash will be fazed out around the Web, which is true but there are many video sites that still use the format.
Well if your like me & use alot of sites that use flash then you might be even more drawn towards the new BlackBerry 10 OS, which for now is only available on the Z10. The Q10 is coming in April & will be the second device to run the new OS.

Is flash something you need for your favorite sites?
Will this draw you towards your next purchase being the Z10 over an Android device running 4.1 or above?
Hit the comment section below & let us know.


Galaxy Note 2 update – battery issues & possible fix


Ppl around the Web have been experiencing battery issues yet again after an update with a device. This time it seems to be the Galaxy Note 2 4.1.2 update build N7100XXDLL7.

I’ve updated my Note 2 to this build a couple weeks ago & have experienced no issues & have slightly better battery life.
Thing is though that I updated like I always do & have never ever experienced any battery issues with any Android device, even when reports are flooding in about said issues.
Below I’ll layout what I do, & this might help you not experience battery issues after an update again.

– Always install the update while the device is fully charged

– Always have the device plugged in when you install the update

– If you accidentally install the update when the battery isn’t fully charged & plugged in then back up your info & do a factory reset
** Keep in mind apps & anything else not backed up will be deleted & need to be installed again after the reset **

– when you do a factory reset make sure that you follow the first 2 points & do so on a fully charged device & while the device is plugged in.

So if your experiencing battery life issues on the Galaxy Note 2 or any Android device after an update try these tips & let us know if it helps in the comments below.
Keep in mind this is just from personal experience.


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