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The Moto 360, the first smart watch we’re truly excited about. (Video’s from Motorola)


It’s Time to Meet Moto 360 as Motorola answers some questions about the New Smart Watch they have been working on and will bring to the world in the near future. Check out the video from Motorola here :

But first Check some visuals of the Moto 360 in Motorola’s other video Moto 360: It’s Time:

We’re very excited about Google’s new Wear OS and it’s heavy design elements from Google Now and it’s card based UI. The Moto G will be one of the first devices to use this new OS and we can’t wait to get one on our wrists, it’s the first Smart Watch we are truly interested in. What are your thoughts on the Moto 360 and Google’s new Wear OS, is it something you could see yourself Rocking on your wrist?

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