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Why is there 2 camera’s on the All New HTC ONE? The answer seems rather disapointing


Well it seems we have a pretty complete answer as to why there are dual rear camera’s on the All New HTC ONE and it’s not what we had hoped here at Team Android Canada.

We had hoped that one camera would have been HTC’s ultra pixel lens because it does take some low light shots that are Indeed better than the competition. However those shots lack detail like that you see from Samsung’s 13mp camera in the S4 or the 16mp we see in the S5.
So we had hoped that the second camera was indeed 13mp or so and could be used for well lit shots that would have some great detail and switching modes would choose which camera was actually used.

Well HTC seems to have had a different idea and not a great one in our opinion. See the dual camera’s are both the 4mp ultra pixel cams we and many others had not been impressed with at all for the majority of shots taken. The user can take a shot and then after the fact choose the point of focus which seems great in theory right. Well all it does is blur the part you don’t choose as your focal point giving the illusion that the focal point is sharper. This does nothing for adding detail beyond what last year’s model did, they’re just trying to trick your eyes & it’s definitely not the way to try to improve on your shortcomings.

The other thing the dual camera will allow you to do with a shot after its been taken is view it in a virtual 3D format where you can tilt the device and it will give the illusion that the picture has depth to it, again by trying to trick your eyes.
The thing is the 3D effect is only usable on the device, how many ppl view their photos on their device like come on that’s a useless feature and more gimmicky than anything Samsung has brought to the table. Well not really Samsung has their audio while viewing a picture that’s the same idea as the feature only works on the device and nobody is viewing their pictures on their phone so these feature are useless and a waste of time being developed.

We love HTC here at Team Android Canada as they have made some of the most amazing device designs in the industry and we are still excited to get our hands on the All New HTC ONE but we are sceptical about any real improvement in the camera after learning this. Hopefully we are wrong on if it actually improves photo quality and doesn’t just try to trick us but we’ll have to wait to get out hands on the device and put it to the test.

LG G Flex Coming to Canada, but…


The LG G Flex is finally making its way to Canada which is great news for those looking to acquire the device. Keep that excitement from erupting for a second though as it seems the device will be a Rogers exclusive.

If your not familiar with the G Flex its the first curved / flexible device that’s made its way to consumer’s.  The device is curved from top to bottom that will form to your face when on a call. The device can be flexed flat from that curve and will bounce right back to that curved form without doing any damage. Speaking if damage the device also features a self healing coating on the rear if the device that will heal its self when scratched.

No price or exact date of release has been announced but a simple spring release has been given. Find the specs if this device below.

– CPU 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 800 / GPU: Adreno 330
– 6-inch HD (1280 x 720), Curved P-OLED (True RGB)
– 2GB RAM / 32GB Storage
-Camera: Rear 13.0MP / Front 2.1MP
– Battery 3,500mAh non removable – Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2

Is the G Flex something you’ve been hoping to become available in Canada?
Would you switch to Rogers to acquire this device on subsidy ?
Let us know in the comments below.

Samsung sold 20 million S4’s in Only 2 months, has me thinking stock price fixing


We all heard recently that the Galaxy S4 wasn’t selling well, & while I didn’t believe it what so ever others sure did as the stock fell quite a bit. Now we’re getting the #s from Samsung & it looks like it has become the fastest selling smartphone ever selling over 20 million units in only 2 months.
Why does this have me thinking stocks are being fixed? Well this is exactly what happened with the BlackBerry stock & the Z10 when it was first released. The Z10 was released & analyst said that it wasn’t selling well even though it was hard to even get your hands on at first & stock prices took a dive (this had me thinking how they were so off if that’s these analyst’s job) Then shortly after the actual #s came out & low and behold they were much better than the #s that Analyst had projected & stocks rose.
Now we have the Galaxy S4 & analyst made claims once again that the Galaxy S4 wasn’t selling well & stock prices dropped. Now we are hearing the true #’s & again they are not what the analysts predicted at all, in fact the Galaxy S4 is the fastest selling smartphone EVER.

So it seems to me that these analysts have found themselves a way to make some big cash fast by fixing the stock prices by talking down these companies new devices even though they know they are selling very well (I mean how can’t they if I know just from frequenting the net on mobile tech forums & blogs & checking out the comment sections). Then the price of said stock drops they buy the stock knowing all the time the device is selling like mad & a week or 2 later the official #’s come out & they are much higher than they claimed thus making the stock prices climb again & making these analyst’s a rather hefty amount when they sell the stock after the rise in price.

See there is nothing in the world that is as easy to do this with as smartphones because of the # of ppl who purchase these brand new devices as soon as they are released & I believe these analysts have found just that and are raking in the cash doing so. I’d like to see how these analysts live & I guarantee none of them are struggling & are doing quite well.
What do you guys think am I on to something or do I just question things way too much in this world lol. Let us know in the comment section below.

Galaxy S3 in Canada Gets update that brings Multi Window & More


The Galaxy S3 has received an update to its OS through OTA and Kies methods. It’s available ON Telus, Koodo, Virgin, Rogers, Bell, Fido & MTS users. The  OS remains at Android version 4.1.2 but is build MVLDMF1. Included is improvements to the gallery,
Improved down­load speeds when HSPA+ network coverage, Multi Window Feature, as well as addressing  instances where third party VoIP apps could inter­fere when dial­ing E911.
So if you haven’t received a notification of the update yet hit the settings – about phone – and check for update, or fire up KIES on your PC & connect your S3 to grab the update now.
I haven’t had much time to check out the update myself & will be doing so later today, but until then if you’ve noticed any more changes feel free to let us know & we will add it to the list of improvements. As well let us know if battery or performance seem to be improved after updating. Just hit us up in the comments below.

Google I/O is just days away so be ready with the Google I/O App


Google I/O is just days away and every Android Nut including ourselves are extremely excited to see what Google has up their sleeves this year. Are we going to see a new device (Nexus 5, X Phone or perhaps a new tablet), a new version of Android (4.3 or 5.0), Perhaps a new gaming experience or who knows after all it is Google who’s always full of surprises.

Whether your going to the event or going to watch some of the coverage from home (Online Streaming) the new Google I/O app might be something you want to download. It’s just been updated with a plethora of new features which are listed under What’s New in the PlayStore. Download the app here
and get ready for the excitement that is always present for us Android fans at every Google event.

Are you going to the event or just going to be watching the coverage from home?
Either way what are you most excited about, or hoping will be unveiled at the event?
Let us know in the comments below as well as what do you think of the Google I/O App?


Samsung Galaxy S2X on Koodo/Telus getting Jelly Bean 4.1


We have an early report that the Samsung Galaxy S2X with Telus & Koodo have started getting Jelly Bean 4.1. So connect your phone to Samsung’s Kies Software on your PC and get checking to see if this is true. If so please comment and let us know that this is not a hoax, Thanks.


Copying the Market leaders seems to be a trend right now


The HTC ONE was launched the other day & many were making alot of comparisons of the phone & the actual presentation to Apple & the iPhone.
Now it’s LG’s turn as they seem to be copying the other leader in the mobile market Samsung. In a video showing the features of LG’s new Optimus G Pro you can see that they have a feature called Q Slide in which you can write on the screen in a S-Pen type way or where you can run split screens or floating video, both exactly like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2.(check the video below)

They also seem to be copying Samsung when it comes to advertising as seen in this video which is an obvious poke at Apple which Samsung is no stranger at doing. Basically it’s showing that their phone can also take panoramic shots like the iPhone but it can take it a step further with photo sphere. You might feel like you’ve seen the video as it is identical to the iPhone one with the many children in a lineup. (Check out the video below)

Do you think these are good strategies or just plain ripping off the others & you’d like to see some originality from these other device makers?
Let us know in the comments below.


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