Could this be the Nexus 5 or a prototype of another Nexus?


This picture is now everywhere and it’s from the video Google released earlier today showing them putting up the kit kat Android guy which is supposedly the next version of Android 4.4. In the screenshot we see a guy holding what looks like a mix of the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 7 2013 and is definitely not a device we’ve seen before, Could this be the Nexus 5 or a prototype for it?
Did Google do this on purpose? Well we’re not sure they did as they have now taken down the video from YouTube which has us all questioning it’s being done purposely. If it is I’m so happy that it looks to be a 5″ display would be packed in there with the comparison of the Nexus 4. I just hope it’s 1080p full HD which would be amazing on a Nexus phone because it sure makes the Nexus 7 one incredible tablet.

What do you guys think, is it the Nexus 5?
Let us know in the comments below

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Android 4.4 Kit Kat a reality or just a Google hoax?


Seems today a new statue was placed on the front lawn of Google headquarters of our beloved Andy the Android guy looking very chocolaty and delicious. Google may be naming the next version of Android “kit kat” after the chocolate bar that many of us enjoy when we need a break. Is this real or just Google having some fun with us? I guess only time will tell when we see it hit our Nexus devices. Until then check out these videos and make your own  judgment, but I say break me off a piece of that because I love the idea.

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New Nexus 7 2nd Gen 2013 hits the PlayStore in Canada


It’s a couple weeks now since the New Nexus 7 was launched & while it’s been available in Canada through retailers like Staples (where I purchased mine) & Future Shop (who needs to match their Web stock to actual stock so we don’t make a long drive for nothing) it’s now available to Canadians through the Google Play Store. The Wifi-only 16GB version of the tablet goes for $229, while the 32GB model will set you back $269. Both models are listed as in stock and shipping within 1-2 business days.

Those of us who couldn’t wait & grabbed it from retailers like Staples seem to have ended up paying an extra $20 for the 16gb model which cost us $249 + taxes. Still I can’t be too upset as its such an incredible tablet & IMO one of the best mobile devices ever put out, it’s well worth the money. If you haven’t grabbed one yet & are looking for a tablet or on the fence about upgrading from last year’s model I highly recommend grabbing the new model it’s fast, smooth, sleek &  stylish & we have a full review heading your way as soon as I can put it down long enough to write up a review & fit it into all the other reviews we have underway.

Have you already grabbed one, what do you think? I have yet to have any of the issues ppl are reporting, is anybody actually experiencing them?
Let us know in the comments below.

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Once again LG’s taking another page from Samsung’s Play book


Seems like LG’s at it again taking another page from Samsung’s play book, this time it’s Samsung’s S-View cases that seem to be LG’s muse. LG has just announced a new line of cases for the unreleased G2 which is only about a week away from being officially announced. These cases that LG calls their “Quick Window” cases have a cutout on the front & just like Samsung’s S-View cases they let you see various info widgets without ever opening the portfolio style case. LG seems to have been following very close to what Samsung does lately in a, if you can’t beat em join em kind of way.
If anybody could sue anybody in the mobile world it really looks like Samsung sure would have a rather great case against LG, so it great to see these companies not going that route & perhaps just trying to one up each other. Competing this way is exactly what the mobile industry really needs to reach its full potential.

Back to the cases; By the looks of it they’ll be available in at least 6 bright colours, & let you see & control things from the clock, weather & notifications to your music player.
I personally despise portfolio /flip style cases as I game on my phone a lot & there is just no comfortable way to hold the device with them on it. It’s either digging in to your hand somewhere or makes the device slide around against the cover when it’s flipped to the back.

Well what do you guys think of portfolio cases & these cases in particular? Are you excited & waiting to get the G2 or will you be waiting to see what the Galaxy Note 3 brings to the table in September or so?
We’d love to hear from you so hit up the comments below & let your thoughts flow.

Galaxy S4 update hitting the phone for Telus & Koodo customers


The Galaxy S4 for Telus/Koodo (possibly Bell, Virgin, Rogers & Fido as well) is now receiving a nice update that brings many tweaks to the amazing device, including the ability to move apps to the SD Card.

This is good news for users who own the 16Gb version of the Galaxy S4, which ships with only 9.15GB of user accessible storage space. This update alleviates this storage crunch by letting users move apps to the SD card. It also slightly increases available storage to 9.23GB.

Besides the app to SD card feature, this new firmware also includes the following:

-Stability & performance upgrades
-slight increase of internal storage
-New Camera firmware
-Smearing issue has been fixed (Purple effect while scrolling)
-Smart Pause Toggle
-Move Apps to SD Card
-HDR Video (Can record HDR video)
-Semi-transparent status bar
New Icons in Settings
Secure boot status (About Phone)
-Increase legibility (Display) (New feature)

Galaxy S4 owners can update their handset using Samsung Kies software or wait for the update to arrive over the air.

*Update – After moving what I can I gained a full 1gb of space on my internal storage which is awesome IMO.
Update took about 45 minutes to complete so make sure you have the time. It’s also just over 300mb in size so have the space available to download before install.

I’m sure Bell & Rogers & their sister companies are also receiving this great update as well, but if someone could confirm this we’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

Have you received the update, how do you like it & do you notice a performance boost?
Let us know in the comments section below.

Motorola Droid Maxx supposedly pictured here, with possibly a very interesting speaker placement


This is a supposed leak of the new Droid Maxx from Motorola that is said to be available from Verizon on August 8th & will be announced on July 23rd. We’ll have to wait & see if these rumours hold any baring as well as the expected specs, which include like most phones that seem to be coming out soon a snapdragon 800 processor & 2gb’s of RAM. What most phones don’t have is that cool kevlar back which Motorola has become well known for using on their devices.

Something interesting that nobody else seems to have noticed is that the big square around the camera seems to be a very large speaker grill, or at least that’s what it sure looks like to me. It’s great to see more companies could be focusing on packing better sound out of their new devices which is one of few areas that still need improving for most manufacturers.
So what you you think of the design & do you agree with me that is indeed the speaker that is surrounding the camera? Do you hope we see this device in Canada from Rogers?
Let us know in the comments below.

New Tab Structure coming to Koodo July 14th, could leave you with the phone you thought you couldn’t afford


As of July 14th Koodo will be bringing a new tab structure to their customers that brings more choice. With Koodo’s growing lineup of devices that now includes quite a few amazing high end choices, customers were asking for a way to make these higher priced devices attainable. Well Koodo is always listening to their customers & after some hard work by their employees they spit out this new tab structure. This new tab structure definitely makes those higher quality, higher priced devices now attainable for all.

The tab will now have 4 levels to choose from, No Tab, Small Tab, Medium Tab, Large Tab. They’ve also raised the percentage they will pay towards paying off your tab each month from 10% to now 15% of your monthly bill amount (before taxes & only on new activations & upgrades from July 14th on.) Koodo will now offer a guarantee that your tab will be paid in full within 2 years, which will be achieved by the customers paying off a small piece of the tab each month with the amount dependent on the level of tab you take.

If you choose the option to bring your own device or have a $0 or positive tab then koodo will offer you a 10% savings on your plan & add-ons. * Your tab will be frozen at $0 *

If you choose the small tab then you’ll have available to you up to $150 of tab credits to use towards the price of a  device. Koodo will contribute 15% of your bill towards paying off your tab amount each month. *This tab will remain available with any plan Koodo offers.*

If you choose the medium tab you will have up to $300 of tab credits available to use towards the price of a device. Koodo will again contribute to paying off your tab by 15% of your bill amount each month, & you the customer will have $5 added to your bill each month to help in paying down your tab owing. * To be eligible for this tab you will have to choose a plan that’s $30 or more. *

Lastly if you choose the large tab you will have up to $500 in tab credits available to you to put towards the price of a device. Koodo will again contribute to paying off your tab by 15% of your bill amount each month, & you the customer will have $10 added to your bill each month to help in paying down your tab owing. * To be eligible for this tab you will have to choose a Tab Large Plan.

So now Koodo customers won’t have to settle for a phone just because that’s  what they can afford at the moment of purchase. This  should be awesome news if you’re a koodo customer as their outdated tab structure has received an amazing restructuring that could very well put your dream phone in your hand this month.
Well let us know what you think in the comments section below.
I know I’ll be taking advantage of this new tab as soon as in comes into effect, will you?

This supposed Motorola Leak is obviously a fake, so why bother everyone?


This picture is circling the Web and claims to be a leak of the Motorola Razor Ultra or some sites said the Moto X (which hello we’ve already seen the back plates of). I have no idea why sites are even posting this questioning it at all because it’s obviously fake as hell.
First the device is on an angle but the writing on the back is perfectly straight across as well as it doesn’t taper thinner as it moves away from the camera.
Then if you look around the writing it’s extremely obvious the terrible photoshop job as you can see the distortion around the words and even the Ferrari logo, as well as why the hell would there be a Ferrari logo on the razor or Moto X that’s only on the Motorola Ferrari model which has nothing to do with either device & is a separate device all together.
I’m just surprised every other Android enthusiasts site is even bothering questioning thus when it’s so obvious?
You can’t deny it but what do you think anyways?
Leave a comment below.

Samsung sold 20 million S4’s in Only 2 months, has me thinking stock price fixing


We all heard recently that the Galaxy S4 wasn’t selling well, & while I didn’t believe it what so ever others sure did as the stock fell quite a bit. Now we’re getting the #s from Samsung & it looks like it has become the fastest selling smartphone ever selling over 20 million units in only 2 months.
Why does this have me thinking stocks are being fixed? Well this is exactly what happened with the BlackBerry stock & the Z10 when it was first released. The Z10 was released & analyst said that it wasn’t selling well even though it was hard to even get your hands on at first & stock prices took a dive (this had me thinking how they were so off if that’s these analyst’s job) Then shortly after the actual #s came out & low and behold they were much better than the #s that Analyst had projected & stocks rose.
Now we have the Galaxy S4 & analyst made claims once again that the Galaxy S4 wasn’t selling well & stock prices dropped. Now we are hearing the true #’s & again they are not what the analysts predicted at all, in fact the Galaxy S4 is the fastest selling smartphone EVER.

So it seems to me that these analysts have found themselves a way to make some big cash fast by fixing the stock prices by talking down these companies new devices even though they know they are selling very well (I mean how can’t they if I know just from frequenting the net on mobile tech forums & blogs & checking out the comment sections). Then the price of said stock drops they buy the stock knowing all the time the device is selling like mad & a week or 2 later the official #’s come out & they are much higher than they claimed thus making the stock prices climb again & making these analyst’s a rather hefty amount when they sell the stock after the rise in price.

See there is nothing in the world that is as easy to do this with as smartphones because of the # of ppl who purchase these brand new devices as soon as they are released & I believe these analysts have found just that and are raking in the cash doing so. I’d like to see how these analysts live & I guarantee none of them are struggling & are doing quite well.
What do you guys think am I on to something or do I just question things way too much in this world lol. Let us know in the comment section below.

Galaxy S3 in Canada Gets update that brings Multi Window & More


The Galaxy S3 has received an update to its OS through OTA and Kies methods. It’s available ON Telus, Koodo, Virgin, Rogers, Bell, Fido & MTS users. The  OS remains at Android version 4.1.2 but is build MVLDMF1. Included is improvements to the gallery,
Improved down­load speeds when HSPA+ network coverage, Multi Window Feature, as well as addressing  instances where third party VoIP apps could inter­fere when dial­ing E911.
So if you haven’t received a notification of the update yet hit the settings – about phone – and check for update, or fire up KIES on your PC & connect your S3 to grab the update now.
I haven’t had much time to check out the update myself & will be doing so later today, but until then if you’ve noticed any more changes feel free to let us know & we will add it to the list of improvements. As well let us know if battery or performance seem to be improved after updating. Just hit us up in the comments below.

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