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Galaxy S3 in Canada Gets update that brings Multi Window & More


The Galaxy S3 has received an update to its OS through OTA and Kies methods. It’s available ON Telus, Koodo, Virgin, Rogers, Bell, Fido & MTS users. The  OS remains at Android version 4.1.2 but is build MVLDMF1. Included is improvements to the gallery,
Improved down­load speeds when HSPA+ network coverage, Multi Window Feature, as well as addressing  instances where third party VoIP apps could inter­fere when dial­ing E911.
So if you haven’t received a notification of the update yet hit the settings – about phone – and check for update, or fire up KIES on your PC & connect your S3 to grab the update now.
I haven’t had much time to check out the update myself & will be doing so later today, but until then if you’ve noticed any more changes feel free to let us know & we will add it to the list of improvements. As well let us know if battery or performance seem to be improved after updating. Just hit us up in the comments below.

Samsung quick to send out fix for Rogers Galaxy S2 LTE


Samsung sent out an update last week for Rogers customers who own the Galaxy S2 LTE & it seems there were some issues. Well Samsung has been very quick to fix these issues & have just announced on their Facebook page that they are rolling out an update to fix these issues. If you updated your Galaxy S2 LTE already you’ll need to update over KIES according to Samsung, but if you haven’t updated to JB yet then you can now update with an OTA update that should be waiting for you.

Go to your settings – About device – Software update – Update & download the new update with all the bugs fixed.
Great work with the quick fixes Samsung.
Has anyone updated previously & had issues then updated this new version? Does it fix the issues?
Let us know in the comments below.


Rogers Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE gets updated to Jelly Bean


Rogers Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE users can now get a taste of the Jelly Bean version of Android. Specifically Android 4.1.2 can be downloaded OTA (over-the-air) and via Samsung Kies.
If you have a Rogers Galaxy S2 LTE you might want to go to your settings – About Phone & Update your device.
After you update come back & let us know what you think, does the new version of the Android OS run good on the top tier device from 2011?


New Update available for carrier branded Galaxy Note 2


Samsung announced today that indeed they have begun rolling out the 4.1.2 update to Galaxy Note 2 in North America.
With it comes a bunch of new features & optimizations to the Note 2. Most notable is the multi Window feature that until now has been absent from the carrier version of the device.
Below is a list of more of the features you can expect in the update.

Android 4.1.2 new features:


-New Additions in Notifcation Toggles

-Notification Panel can now be customized

-Brightness Slider in Notification Panel Can Now Be Disabled

-Multi-View Can now be disabled
Browser Is Smoother Then Before

-Status Bar has been changed from Grey to Black

-Continues Input in Samsung Keyboard (Like Swipe or Android 4.2 Keyboard)

-New Ink Effect On Lockscreen

-New Group Cast Application

Check your Note 2 for the update, try it out & let us know what you think in the comments below. Was it worth the wait for multi Window?


Multi Window coming to Canadian Galaxy Note 2’s with 4.1.2 update.


Samsung Canada reported yesterday that owners of the Galaxy Note 2 carrier models can expect a new update to Android 4.1.2 JB real soon.

This update brings the long waited for Multi Window feature those of us with the International model have been enjoying for months now. A few other features & optimizations should also be included.
More to come upon release.

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