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BlackBerry 10 hits Canada Today!!!!


Well Canada today is the day, it’s the release of BlackBerry’s Z10 !!!! The first device to run BlackBerry’s new BB10 OS.
The device has been bringing some great reviews in the UK, where it was made available the day after the January 30th launch event. Well its Canada’s turn to get a taste of this brand new phone & OS & many here also can’t wait. All the major carriers here are set to sell the Z10 starting in just a few hours from the time I’m writing this. Bell is even opening it’s doors of many of its stores early to accommodate Z10 buyers.
It seems that everyone is selling the Z10 for $650 outright, but Rogers is dropping $50 off that price for today. Even better than that is Koodo who has the device listed for an incredible price of just $550!!!! As of right now Koodo does only have the Black model available, so we’ll just have to see if that changes at all. Wherever your getting it from get there early because I’m hearing very limited supplies are available at a lot of stores.
If your thinking of getting the BlackBerry Z10 today who are you going to be buying it from & will color availability come into play in your decision?
Let us know in the comments section below.


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