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Samsung wasted the chance to bring something cool with their curved display technology (Galaxy Round)


The mobile tech world has been talking for over a year about the curved displays manufacturers have been working on & the techies imaginations went wild. Well with Samsung & LG having announced that they had perfected the technology to mass produce such a display only time would tell who would be first to release a device using said display.

Today is that day as Samsung has just announced the Galaxy Round featuring a 5.7″ 1080p CURVED OLED display (other specs below)
The display curves in a very odd way that I’m sure nobody expected, you see it curves from side to side so the entire phone (front and back) curves the same way the back of the HTC ONE does.
The usefulness of this application of the curved display seems very limited & to us seems like Samsung cheaped out & were more concerned with releasing a device with curved display first than actually putting some design effort into it.
Samsung states that it emphasizes the view while flipping through home screens. They have also incorporated a lock screen that is activated when the device is laying on a table you can press down on one side of the device making it tilt forward to reveal the time, weather, alarm, notifications, ect (seen in video below) & well that’s about it.

It’s still early & we will give Samsung the benefit of the doubt that this design will prove to be more well thought out than it looks right now but it’s not looking good in our opinion. The balls in your court Samsung so prove us wrong. The specs of the Galaxy Round are however very impressive & it will be a solid device, but one that comes with a hefty price tag at just over $1,000. It’s unknown if the device will be available in North America at this time, but we’d love to know if the Round interests you?

5.7″ 1080p CURVED OLED display
2.3ghz Quad Core Exynos Processor
3gb RAM
13mp Rear Camera & 2mp Front Facing Camera
2800mAh Battery
Running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean w/ TouchWiz UI
LTE Advance


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