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New things coming for Team Android Canada


Sorry we haven’t posted much lately, we’ve been working on bringing some new things to Team Android Canada to make this site better for our visitors. Our first thing was to make it easier to find us and as such we are proud to announce that we can now be easily found at We have also been in contact with multiple companies to help us out in bringing our readers the latest and greatest from the world of Android, and go much more in depth into what we are doing here. We’d really like to thank those who have got back to us and have been gracious enough to help us out as we expand and bring our site to the next level. Even greater thanks goes out to you our readers who have had such great things to say about our efforts here, and without you and your support we wouldn’t be in the position we are right now. So again thanks to all who support Team Android Canada and stay tuned because there’s much more to come and we are very excited about bringing it to you our fellow Androidians 😉

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