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Android 4.2.2 rolling out to Nexus Devices


Android 4.2.2 update to software build JDQ39 hitting a number of Google’s pure Android devices. These include the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and  the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus.

The update has been rumored to address Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming. What else, we’re not sure but if you got the update we’d love to hear what else you’ve noticed. It will be rolling out in fazes so be patient it’s coming.



Bell puts price of the Galaxy Nexus in the basement


Bell is dropping the price of the Galaxy Nexus down to $349.99 to clear out any remaining stock. So if your looking for a great Android phone @ a great price head on down to your local Bell Mobility dealer & see if they have any left.

Why is Bell trying to push these older Nexus phones out the door so fast? Well it could very well be because Bell is going to start carrying the Nexus 4 !!!!
This is just speculation however & is based off Videotron announcing they will be carrying the Nexus 4 very soon.

The Nexus story is heating up in Canada & if youve been waiting on stock from the PlayStore then this story could really be getting your juices flowing. Ill bring more news as its exposed.
Anybody still trying to getbtheir hands on a Nexus 4, or is the Galaxy Nexus the phone for you?


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