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Nexus 5 leaks once more before it’s officially announced


The glorious Nexus 5 Google ‘s most recent pure Android device seems to have leaked one more time in this video showing off its build which seems to be an earlier prototype since the Nexus logo we’ve seen in later builds isn’t present. The single hole through the glass where the earpiece is also looks very unfinished as does the grill in the front glass on the bottom left which all bring credence to this definitely not being a final build. It does give us an idea of what the phones design & materials used will look like & I personally am very happy that it looks like it will have the same soft touch material as the Nexus 7 2013 since it feels great in the hand & adds a great deal of grip compared to the glass or plastics & especially metals, plus it will match our Nexus 7 2013’s beautifully 😉

Check out the video below from the leakster, we’d all like to thank them but sure wish they would have show a little more of Android 4.4 & not chrome so much

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Could this be the Nexus 5 or a prototype of another Nexus?


This picture is now everywhere and it’s from the video Google released earlier today showing them putting up the kit kat Android guy which is supposedly the next version of Android 4.4. In the screenshot we see a guy holding what looks like a mix of the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 7 2013 and is definitely not a device we’ve seen before, Could this be the Nexus 5 or a prototype for it?
Did Google do this on purpose? Well we’re not sure they did as they have now taken down the video from YouTube which has us all questioning it’s being done purposely. If it is I’m so happy that it looks to be a 5″ display would be packed in there with the comparison of the Nexus 4. I just hope it’s 1080p full HD which would be amazing on a Nexus phone because it sure makes the Nexus 7 one incredible tablet.

What do you guys think, is it the Nexus 5?
Let us know in the comments below

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Motorola Droid Maxx supposedly pictured here, with possibly a very interesting speaker placement


This is a supposed leak of the new Droid Maxx from Motorola that is said to be available from Verizon on August 8th & will be announced on July 23rd. We’ll have to wait & see if these rumours hold any baring as well as the expected specs, which include like most phones that seem to be coming out soon a snapdragon 800 processor & 2gb’s of RAM. What most phones don’t have is that cool kevlar back which Motorola has become well known for using on their devices.

Something interesting that nobody else seems to have noticed is that the big square around the camera seems to be a very large speaker grill, or at least that’s what it sure looks like to me. It’s great to see more companies could be focusing on packing better sound out of their new devices which is one of few areas that still need improving for most manufacturers.
So what you you think of the design & do you agree with me that is indeed the speaker that is surrounding the camera? Do you hope we see this device in Canada from Rogers?
Let us know in the comments below.

This supposed Motorola Leak is obviously a fake, so why bother everyone?


This picture is circling the Web and claims to be a leak of the Motorola Razor Ultra or some sites said the Moto X (which hello we’ve already seen the back plates of). I have no idea why sites are even posting this questioning it at all because it’s obviously fake as hell.
First the device is on an angle but the writing on the back is perfectly straight across as well as it doesn’t taper thinner as it moves away from the camera.
Then if you look around the writing it’s extremely obvious the terrible photoshop job as you can see the distortion around the words and even the Ferrari logo, as well as why the hell would there be a Ferrari logo on the razor or Moto X that’s only on the Motorola Ferrari model which has nothing to do with either device & is a separate device all together.
I’m just surprised every other Android enthusiasts site is even bothering questioning thus when it’s so obvious?
You can’t deny it but what do you think anyways?
Leave a comment below.

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