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Another couple New Shots of the Nexus 5 Leak ahead of its release


Not much to say about this expected press render from the well known leakster’s @evleaks other than its the clearest shot of what looks to be the final product that is the Nexus 5 from Google & LG.
We can see that the black model will have a nice soft touch rubber coating like the Nexus 7 with the Nexus logo carved out to reveal the plastic underneath and an embossed LG logo. The white model seems to have a matte white plastic back with printed Nexus & LG logo’s & will have shiny plastic sides unlike the black models soft touch material.

The month is quickly coming to an end & as the Nexus 5 is rumoured to be going on sale in Canada on Nov 8th we “should” be seeing an official announcement for the N5 any day now.

We pretty much know everything about the device including most of the specs & the multiple storage options, 16gb & 32gb as well as the starting price ($349 for the 16gb) which was leaked on Google’s own Playstore last week & finally that it will pack the newest version of Android 4.4 Kit Kat.
So now all we need to know is when will this officially be announced and if we can indeed get our hands on one as of Nov 8th here in the cold North & those are some extremely frustrating answers to wait upon but all will be better in just a few short days.

Anybody else getting impatient with this launch or is it just us? Hit the comments & let us know whats on your mind when it comes to the Nexus 5 below.
What model are you liking more & hoping to get your hands on at launch?

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Is this the final design of the HTC M7?


A new leaked photo showing the possible HTC M7 has popped up online at evleaks. I personally hope it’s not the final design as the ONE series had HTC making some of the best looking phones on the market. This seems like a step back into the wrong direction, which is unfortunate for the struggling tech company.

With a 4.7-inch full HD display and 1.7GHz, quad-core processor (presumably S4 Pro), 32gb internal storage, 13mp front facing camera 2mp rearĀ  The M7 should have all the high end specs you could expect in 2013. It has a suspected release for only a few weeks after World Congress in Barcelona & at an unlocked price just over $600.

Everything seems great with this phone but again let’s hope this isn’t the final design.
So what do you all think of the design & specs of the HTC M7, does it seem like something you’d purchase? Let us know in the comment section below.

** UPDATE** Here’s a new possible photo of the M7 which looks sooooo much better, but I wish they would round the corners more like the Galaxy S3. Well check it out & let us know what you think?

**UPDATE 2**
Heres the most recent leak of the M7 which is said to be the first press shot, which would make it the final design. Well what do you think? I like the slimmed down version of the Sense UI personally. This very well could be a great seller for HTC.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.