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Nexus 5 hits PlayStore with official pricing (partially)


The Nexus 5 has leak yet again but this time its official as it gets so far as it comes from Google’s own PlayStore. It gave us a couple shots of the final product & gave us some official info, that the new Nexus phone will definitely be called the Nexus 5 & also that pricing will start at $349. So the good rumours are so far coming true & now if the rumour of a larger battery in the 32gb (3000mAh) model comes true we could have the perfect pure Android device on our hands. The Nexus 5 has since been taken down but this has to mean we’re getting ever so close to the official announcement & release 🙂


What do you guys think about the new Nexus, will you be getting one & what else are you hoping to see when it becomes official?

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