Why is there 2 camera’s on the All New HTC ONE? The answer seems rather disapointing


Well it seems we have a pretty complete answer as to why there are dual rear camera’s on the All New HTC ONE and it’s not what we had hoped here at Team Android Canada.

We had hoped that one camera would have been HTC’s ultra pixel lens because it does take some low light shots that are Indeed better than the competition. However those shots lack detail like that you see from Samsung’s 13mp camera in the S4 or the 16mp we see in the S5.
So we had hoped that the second camera was indeed 13mp or so and could be used for well lit shots that would have some great detail and switching modes would choose which camera was actually used.

Well HTC seems to have had a different idea and not a great one in our opinion. See the dual camera’s are both the 4mp ultra pixel cams we and many others had not been impressed with at all for the majority of shots taken. The user can take a shot and then after the fact choose the point of focus which seems great in theory right. Well all it does is blur the part you don’t choose as your focal point giving the illusion that the focal point is sharper. This does nothing for adding detail beyond what last year’s model did, they’re just trying to trick your eyes & it’s definitely not the way to try to improve on your shortcomings.

The other thing the dual camera will allow you to do with a shot after its been taken is view it in a virtual 3D format where you can tilt the device and it will give the illusion that the picture has depth to it, again by trying to trick your eyes.
The thing is the 3D effect is only usable on the device, how many ppl view their photos on their device like come on that’s a useless feature and more gimmicky than anything Samsung has brought to the table. Well not really Samsung has their audio while viewing a picture that’s the same idea as the feature only works on the device and nobody is viewing their pictures on their phone so these feature are useless and a waste of time being developed.

We love HTC here at Team Android Canada as they have made some of the most amazing device designs in the industry and we are still excited to get our hands on the All New HTC ONE but we are sceptical about any real improvement in the camera after learning this. Hopefully we are wrong on if it actually improves photo quality and doesn’t just try to trick us but we’ll have to wait to get out hands on the device and put it to the test.

The Moto 360, the first smart watch we’re truly excited about. (Video’s from Motorola)


It’s Time to Meet Moto 360 as Motorola answers some questions about the New Smart Watch they have been working on and will bring to the world in the near future. Check out the video from Motorola here : http://youtu.be/HpY8O5Zer78

But first Check some visuals of the Moto 360 in Motorola’s other video Moto 360: It’s Time: http://youtu.be/dnerqDWwVgg

We’re very excited about Google’s new Wear OS and it’s heavy design elements from Google Now and it’s card based UI. The Moto G will be one of the first devices to use this new OS and we can’t wait to get one on our wrists, it’s the first Smart Watch we are truly interested in. What are your thoughts on the Moto 360 and Google’s new Wear OS, is it something you could see yourself Rocking on your wrist?

LG G Flex Coming to Canada, but…


The LG G Flex is finally making its way to Canada which is great news for those looking to acquire the device. Keep that excitement from erupting for a second though as it seems the device will be a Rogers exclusive.

If your not familiar with the G Flex its the first curved / flexible device that’s made its way to consumer’s.  The device is curved from top to bottom that will form to your face when on a call. The device can be flexed flat from that curve and will bounce right back to that curved form without doing any damage. Speaking if damage the device also features a self healing coating on the rear if the device that will heal its self when scratched.

No price or exact date of release has been announced but a simple spring release has been given. Find the specs if this device below.

– CPU 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 800 / GPU: Adreno 330
– 6-inch HD (1280 x 720), Curved P-OLED (True RGB)
– 2GB RAM / 32GB Storage
-Camera: Rear 13.0MP / Front 2.1MP
– Battery 3,500mAh non removable – Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2

Is the G Flex something you’ve been hoping to become available in Canada?
Would you switch to Rogers to acquire this device on subsidy ?
Let us know in the comments below.

Nexus devices receiving update to 4.4.2


Google had started releasing Android 4.4.1 last week to the Nexus 5 but it seems there was a voicemail issue that was found so they’ve quickly rectified the issue & are presently pushing 4.4.2. Reports claim the update is being pushed to all Nexus devices that recieved Android 4.4 officially so if you haven’t received it yet go into your Settings Menu – About Phone – System Updates – Then tap the Check Now Icon to see if the update has been pushed to you yet.
If you never recieved Android 4.4.1 don’t worry you’ll go straight to 4.4.2.

The update from 4.4 to 4.4.2 will bring Camera improvements you can see listed in the screen shot above as well as now having the ability to Zoom in HDR+ mode which is a great improvement in our eyes. Also we have noticed that the slight static that could be heard when volume was at its lowest but not off has been reduced greatly. Volume seems to have received a boost as certain notification sounds that were hard to hear seem loud & crisp now.

Have you noticed any other improvements in the 4.4.2 or 4.4.1 update? Let us know in the comments below.

Android 4.3 hits the Galaxy S3 & Note 2 across Canada


While Google has just released Android 4.4.1 for the Newest Nexus device the Nexus 5 Samsung is playing catch up with its 2012 devices. The Galaxy S3 & Galaxy Note 2 here in Canada are presently receiving their 4.3 updates which bring along a list of new features, UI enhancements, Notification improvements, performance improvements & more including a very important improvement which is battery life.

The update is hitting both of these devices on all carriers across Canada right now so if you haven’t received notice on your device head to the Settings – About Phone  & hit that Software update icon to take advantage ASAP.

Improvements to the Galaxy S3 seem to be all good right now from our test device & the best Improvement so far seems to be battery life as our test device has made it through a full day of use which it couldn’t come close prior to this 4.3 update.

Will bring you more on this update as we have a little more time with the S3. Let us know anything good or bad you’ve noticed on either the S3 or Note 2 after receiving this 4.3 update we’d love to hear from you.

The Moto G is a top level midrange device at an entry level price & it’s headed to Koodo in the coming weeks


Motorola just announced a very exciting device which is as solid a midrange device as it get’s, made more impressive by the low outright price tag attached to it. This device we’re so excited about is the Moto G & that mind blowing low price is just $179 for the 8gb & $199 for the 16gb if purchased directly from Motorola in the US.
You might be saying to yourself “we’ve seen phones for that price already, so what’s so impressive about this phone?”
Well it’s the specs & features you get packed into the Moto G that make that price so damn impressive.

You see the Moto G packs :

– A Beautiful 4.5″ 720p HD LCD display 329ppi (in comparison the Moto X is only 316ppi)
– A Fast 1.2ghz Quad Core Snapdragon 400 processor
– 1gb of Ram
– A 5mp rear camera capable of shooting 720p video
– A 1.3mp front facing camera which is great for video calls
– A 2070mAh Battery
– It’s Running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean & confirmed to be updated to Android 4.4 Kit Kat in January
– It Comes in 8gb & 16gb storage options
– Has the same ergonomic design as the Moto X but slightly thicker which is great because as you seen in our review of the Moto X we think it’s the most comfortable device in the hand of any device ever made.

Compare these specs to other phones in the $200 outright price range & you’ll see what makes this device so attractive.

While we do know that the Moto G is for sure coming to Koodo in the coming weeks we’re not sure about colour or storage options that will be offered or pricing. We have heard rumours of only the black model being offered & only in an 8gb storage option which we’re hoping to be false. We’d really like to see the 16gb model being offered which in our opinion is the lowest storage option that should be offered when there is no external storage option (SD Card) available on a mobile device.
We have heard a rumour that Koodo will sell the 8gb Moto G  for $200 outright but we’ll let you know the full details once they’re available from Koodo, until then check out the full launch event of the Moto X from Motorola below.

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Koodo now offering the HTC Desire 601


Well Koodo has expanded their line up of Device offerings this week & one of those New offerings is the Desire 601 from HTC. The Desire 601 is a midrange device with a sleek & sexy rounded design reminiscent of the HTC ONE X & X+ with that beautiful matte finish.
Other than the sleek design another huge pro of this device is the front firing boom sound dual stereo speakers like those found on the HTC ONE.
The HTC ONE has the best sound hands down from any mobile device on the market today because of these speakers with built in amplifier & the Desire 601 should sound just as great. That great sound is further enhanced when paired with the mini woofer accessory HTC has recently released to bring even more bass & full sound when listening to music or watching a video.
Find the full specifications of this device below & stay tuned for a full review coming in a future article.

The Desire 601 is available in black only & at an outright price of just $300 or $0 on the Medium Tab. You can grab yourself one from your local koodo kiosk, retail partners (future shop, Best Buy, Mobile Shop, ect) or from Koodo’s own webstore today.

Desire 601 features:
– Android™ 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
– 1.4 GHz Dual-core processor
– 4.5” HD Super LCD display
– 5MP rear camera, VGA front-facing camera
– 8GB internal memory (expandable up to 64GB)
– LTE compatible
– 2100 mAh battery
– Dual front speaker with amplifier

Has anyone snatched up this beauty (what do you think?) or is it on your list of possible next devices? Let us know in the comments below

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Google’s first commercial for the Nexus 5


The Nexus 5 was finally made official on Halloween & many were obviously waiting for its release as orders are presently at a 5 week waiting period for it to ship. If you haven’t ordered yours you might want to the the Google PlayStore immediately & put in your order if you want it before Christmas.

While your waiting I’m sure you’ll be checking out all the pics, videos & articles you can soak in to be ready for its arrival at your door. Well here’s Google’s very first commercial for the Nexus 5 below, & stay tuned here as we’ll have a ton of coverage of the Nexus 5 as soon as it arrives to our office.

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Google event live stream

Here’s a link to Google’s G+ live event stream live NOW

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The Nexus 5 has arrived in Canada!


The Nexus 5 has arrived in Canada, actually 30,000 Nexus 5’s have arrived in Canada are sitting snugly in LG’s Canadian warehouses set to be shipped to their next destination. Their next destination is to carriers (Bell, Telus, Koodo, Virgin, Rogers, Wind, Fido) across the great white north.

The LG employee who took this shot for us all to see says that 4,000 of the 30,000 are for western Canada while the remaining 26,000 will cover the Eastern end of Canada’s carriers. So if your on the Western side of Canada get your cash in hand & ready for the official launch because with only 4000 of this initial shipment coming to your area you may have a hard time tracking one down, especially if yoir looking specifically for the black or white model.

Its still unknown the exact launch date of the Nexus 5 but a possible hint from the pic below (from gatgety.co.il) seems to point towards the 5th of November, this could be the date it actually will be  available for purchase however only time will tell. This could also be the release of the N5 & Android 4.4 KK in Israel & we could see it sooner, let’s hope anyways.


Google does have a G+ livesteam later today which could be the date we’re all waiting for as well. So wow Google has really been playing with our emotions with this launch havent they. Im sure we’re not the only ones who will be happy when this is all over & we have the long awaited Nexus 5 in our hands & we can sleep soundly after getting our New Nexus & Android 4.4 KK fix.

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